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the highest region of the ionosphere (from 90 to 600 miles up) which contains the highest concentration of free electrons and is most useful for long-range radio transmission

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The F2 layer, however, does not follow this pattern; its ionization is the greatest in winter and the least in summer, the reverse of what might be expected [12].
An important feature is that the maximum electron density of F2 layer (NmF2) is larger in winter than in summer, in spite of the fact that the solar zenith angle is smaller in summer.
is a function that ensures a "fading out" of the E and F1 layers in the vicinity of the F2 layer peak in order to avoid secondary maxima around hmF2.
If the E layer is penetrated, one or more hops from the F layer can occur At night, this would be from the F2 layer, and in the daytime.
World wide daily variations in the height of the maximum electron density in the ionospheric F2 layer.
The F2 layer is a permanent layer but is also the most variable of the layers.