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a hole in a soundboard (as of a violin) designed to resonate with the tones

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The lights and voices fade into dark silences The violinists invitingly extend their arms Bury their cheeks in curved Stradivarian bossoms And gazed intensely on the F-holes of the soul.
It has an f-style body with scroll and f-holes, an asymmetrical Epi peg-head.
The number PHI, Langdon told them, was even used by Stradivarius to calculate the exact placement of the f-holes in the construction of his famous violins.
Music composed by Mozart, Beethoven and Bach embraced the equation, and Stradivari used the code to place f-holes in his famous violins.
They hold a tenor banjo, a guitar, what appears to be an upright string bass with a round sound hole (not the more typical f-holes), and a mandolin, cuatro, or tiple-like instrument of more strings than the small image allows me to count.
"The f-holes at the front of the instrument are also important as they allow the front of the violin to vibrate freely - it would not work without them.