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one of the proteins into which actomyosin can be split

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The primary antibodies (1:1000 diluted in Tris-buffered saline with 0.1% tween, TBST) were used to detect COQ6, nephrin, cleaved caspase-3 (Abcam, MA, USA), F-actin (Abcam, MA, USA), and [sz]-actin (Abcam, MA, USA).
X-ray images of tropomyosin interaction with F-actin filaments, suggest an electrostatic binding (Gordon et al.; Au).
Antibodies to flamentous actin (F-actin) in type-1 autoimmune hepatitis.
Therefore, it is possible that 14-3-3 proteins may promote F-actin formation and spinogenesis by interacting with multiple elements in the regulatory pathways of the actin polymerization/depolymerization cycles (Figure 2).
According to the previously reported cryo-EM model of plastin-3, the structural conservation of the CH-domains was not observed to lead to a conserved mode of ABDs interaction with F-actin [22].
(1985) Fluorometory study N-(1-Pyrenyl)iodoacetamide labeled F-actin. Local structural change of actin monomer both in polymerization and a bindin of heavymeromyosin.
The green fluorescence represents F-actin; and the blue fluorescence represents the cell nucleus.
Serum transaminases increased again (ALT 466 IU/L and AST 656 IU/L; normal alkaline phosphatase) and a mild hypergammaglobulinaemia (1580 mg/dL) with normal IgA levels (135 mg/dL), positive anti-nuclear (ANA 1/80), anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic (ANCA 1/80), smooth-muscle (ASMA 1/40), and F-actin (23.3 U) antibody were detected, raising the suspicion of drug-induced autoimmune hepatitis.
A distinct feature of cells exposed to 250 [micro]M MGO was augmentation of the focal contacts located at the ends of the actin bundles and manifested by more intense F-actin staining (indicated by an asterisk in Figure 5(p)).
A well-polarized F-actin ring is required for mature osteoclast formation and efficient bone resorption [15].
G- and F-actin are constituents of myofibrils, which are small membraneless parallel fibers in muscle (Murray, 1995).
The formation of F-actin stress fibers was assessed via immunostaining with phalloidin and examined using confocal microscopy.
Keywords: Nicotine, A549 cell line, Apoptosis, F-actin.