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Synonyms for affair

Synonyms for affair

something to be done, considered, or dealt with

a large or important social gathering

something that concerns or involves one personally

an intimate sexual relationship between two people

Synonyms for affair

a vaguely specified concern


Related Words

a usually secretive or illicit sexual relationship

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In Korea, extramarital affairs are no longer illegal, after the Constitutional Court in 2015 ruled the anti-adultery law unconstitutional.
Summary: According to psychologists, social media is the main facilitator for infidelity and extramarital affairs - one of the main reasons couples part ways.
In Dantes vs Dantes (2004), the Supreme Court disbarred a lawyer due to his extramarital affairs.
The murder of the victim was planned by his wife who had an extramarital affair with her boyfriend," the local district superintendent of police Rakesh Kumar said.
Speaking to FNA on Monday, Meyssan pointed out that the plot to force the CIA director to resign due to extramarital affairs was carried out just in 3 days.
In a message to the CIA workforce he said: "After being married for over 37 years, I showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in an extramarital affair.
Military justice considers an extramarital affair grounds for court-martial.
Petraeus, a highly decorated former combat commander who took over at the CIA in 2011, said earlier in a message to the CIA workforce that he was stepping down because of an extramarital affair.
Mr Bryant argued that Mr Marr could not expect political leaders or anyone else to reply to his questions about their private lives after it was revealed last week that he had taken out a super injunction to prevent reporting of an alleged extramarital affair.
The ad was scheduled to run two days after Ensign acknowledged having had an extramarital affair last year with Cynthia Hampton, a Las Vegas woman who had worked on his campaign.
She filed for divorce in July 2005, although he claims she began having an extramarital affair with her physical therapist 18 months to two years after receiving the kidney transplant.
When she finished, she carefully lit two votive candles, as she had done since Tuesday, the day she learned of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's admitted extramarital affair.
has appealed to the Supreme Court against a lower court order to compensate Nakagawa for running a story in a photo magazine claiming he had an extramarital affair.
A: Bob Livingston [the Republican speaker-elect of the House, whose extramarital affair was exposed by Flynt] resigned the same day the House voted to impeach.
Mr Hemming is married to Christine, aged 46, and owned up to the extramarital affair when it was revealed Miss Cox was expecting his baby.