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Synonyms for extradition

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Synonyms for extradition

enforced removal from one's native country by official decree

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the surrender of an accused or convicted person by one state or country to another (usually under the provisions of a statute or treaty)

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(21.) The ILC Draft is not completely clear on this, but under the current state consent regime, set out in Article 21, State having custody of the accused, (the "custodial state"), the territorial state (where the act occurred), and any state having filed an extradiction request with the custodial state (unless that request is rejected) must consent to the Court's jurisdiction in a particular case.
Pensioner Garland, 71, was freed on bail yesterday pending his possible extradiction to the US on counterfeiting charges.
Firtash is not allowed to leave the country while Austrian authorities are mulling his extradiction to the United States.
The will to testifySlovakia asked Mali for Kosik's extradiction after Interpol detained him on November 10, 2016.