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Synonyms for extortion

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an exorbitant charge

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unjust exaction (as by the misuse of authority)

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the felonious act of extorting money (as by threats of violence)

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It had been decided, after due consideration, to insert the advertisement demanded, and to take measures to entrap the writer of the letter into revealing himself--without, it is needless to add, allowing the fellow really to profit by his attempted act of extortion.
To your shouted remonstrances against that extortion this towering trunk with one hand on the engine-room telegraph only shook its bearded head above the splash, the racket, and the clouds of smoke in which the tug, backing and fill ing in the smother of churning paddle-wheels be haved like a ferocious and impatient creature.
Nothing here but a parcel of holy-bolies,' said the Englishman aloud, and passed on amid a ripple of uneasiness; for native police mean extortion to the native all India over.
KARACHI -- The Pakistan Rangers, Sindh, on Saturday claimed to have arrested two alleged extortionists in the old city area and claimed that some office-bearers of a 'market association' had allegedly collected protection money from shopkeepers and the telephone calls for extortions were made from abroad.
These communists have been there for a week conducting extortion to poor masses despite of the conditions of President Duterte to Stop NPA extortions before the resumption of Peace Talks.
Summary: Police online patrols are working round the clock and detecting 18-20 cyber extortions every month, forum hears
Police commander of Farah Toryalai Abdiani has dismissed some 60 police men and officers for being involved in extortions on the highways.
Police officials linked the incident to demand of extortion saying that owner of the shop was receiving calls demanding extortions.
PESHAWAR -- The first four months of the current year has seen a considerable decrease in the incidents of kidnapping for ransom and extortions all over the province where during current year, 19 cases were reported of kidnapping for ransom as compared to 44 cases in the year 2014 showing a decrease of 57 percent, told Head of Counter Terrorism Department, Salah-ud- Din, in a briefing here Tuesday.
It is alleged that the Saudi nationals, while inside the NBI premises were harassed by the bureau's personnel as they tried to extract information from them about the extortions.
Police arrested a member of Rahat Hayat Gang, Ghazanfar, during raid in Metroville area under allegations of money extortions and hand grenade attacks on Ismaili Community.
So all official right extortions are reciprocities, yet of course not all reciprocities are criminal.
The school district also reported four assaults with a deadly weapon, two robberies or extortions, no sex offenses and no homicides.
Extortions are fairly common in this part of India.
Talking to mediamen here on Saturday, the minister said a proper strategy will be chalked out in a high level meeting to be held in Karachi to arrest all the criminals involved in extortions and other street crimes.