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a witness who has knowledge not normally possessed by the average person concerning the topic that he is to testify about

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To the contrary, when the court believes the expert witnesses to be experienced and have training in valuation procedures, the party with the most qualified Expert often prevails.
Under the terms of the agreement, the clients would pay A one-third of any gross recovery if the case was settled without a lawsuit being filed, or 40% if a lawsuit was filed; any costs incurred by A for expert witnesses and private investigators were to be deducted from the gross recovery.
Lawyers for the GMC argued at a hearing at the Court of Appeal in July that the High Court decision rendered the disciplinary body "toothless" against professionals acting as expert witnesses.
After the jury renders a verdict, if the condemnee is to be statutorily sanctioned (for having unreasonably rejected a fair settlement offer made earlier), then the expert witnesses under the contingent fee contracts must bear the financial burden of the sanction, and not the unreasonable owner.
Expert witnesses have historically assumed they could testify in court without fear of legal retaliation from parties who may disagree with their testimony.
Ansan presented two expert witnesses. One applied a rather simplistic approach of measuring the compensation given up by the former president during the term of this noncompetition agreement.
Most expert witnesses will have a curriculum vitae that sets this out in (sometimes excruciating) detail.
Sleepwalking, Criminal Behavior, and Reliable Scientific Evidence: A Guide for Expert Witnesses
In July 2016, OT reported on the criminal trial of optometrist, Honey Rose, in which expert witnesses drawn from a number of disciplines, including optometry, were heavily involved on behalf of the prosecution and defence teams.
Expert witnesses, manufacturers, surveyors, insurance personnel, underwriters, compliance professionals and others in the marine industry will learn from various speakers who specialize in marine law and product liability.
Confusingly, these consultants are often people who independently act as expert witnesses in formal disputes too.
Doar's acquisition of ESG provides the company with a team of industry veterans who understand the value that expert witnesses bring to the litigation process and who know how to identify and qualify experts for various types of cases.
Brodsky is joined by forensic psychiatrist Thomas Gutheil in the creation of an instructive guide specifically designed to teach expert witnesses new and improved techniques for giving effective testimony in a court of law.
Appraisers should only be in a courtroom if they're paid to be there as consultants or expert witnesses. Unfortunately, some appraisers have discovered that their expert testimony can quickly transform them from expert to defendant.
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