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a witness who has knowledge not normally possessed by the average person concerning the topic that he is to testify about

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4) The UK Register of Expert Witnesses conducts a biannual survey on expert fees amongst its members.
Critique: For over 20 years, Stanley Brodsky s books have been essential guides for psychologists, psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals who are called to testify as expert witnesses.
Although financial expert witnesses are typically hired to represent an individual party involved in litigation, it is important that a witness understands the need to remain unbiased when evaluating evidence and providing testimony.
Several cases state that paying consulting firms involved in providing expert witnesses for litigants on a contingent-fee basis is improper, even if the expert witness himself is not directly involved in the different payment schemes of his affiliated company.
ISSUE: Expert witnesses are often called upon in medical negligence cases to provide testimony as to a defendant-physician's breach of the standard of care, and the WVSMA believes that all expert witness testimony should be fair and accurate.
In a landmark Supreme Court ruling earlier this year, expert witnesses lost their immunity from being sued over matters arising in the course of proceedings.
If the latter is the case, this would mean that men and women are treated differently and that at least two Muslim male expert witnesses of good reputation are required to establish a fact.
AN HISTORIC decision to strip expert witnesses of their 400-year-old immunity from being sued in the civil courts was welcomed by a Liverpool-based specialist in personal injury cases.
The Expert Witness Profiles reaches into the largest and most comprehensive collection of data on expert witnesses in North America, as reported by LexisNexis: 1 million-plus records on more than 220,000 experts.
This preponderance of real estate litigation offers appraisers a valuable opportunity to diversify their practices by acting as expert witnesses.
A computer expert witness specializing in intellectual property cases, Judd Robbins offers advice to professionals who want to become expert witnesses in his recent book, Expert Witness Training.
Jenkins' name will now be included on the online specialist witness public register for individuals in search of reputable expert witnesses in forensic accountancy to access.
In addition to trying to protect ourselves from becoming defendants in malpractice litigation, otolaryngologists are called upon frequently to serve as expert witnesses, to defend other physicians or on behalf of plaintiffs who are suing physicians.
Therefore, the attitude of witnesses and expert witnesses alike is very often still that of giving evidence 'for the accused' or 'for the defence'.