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a witness who has knowledge not normally possessed by the average person concerning the topic that he is to testify about

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The judge therefore did not abuse his discretion in excluding the expert testimony. Summary judgment for the defendants necessarily followed.
Bailey argues that the government's evidence that WC's prescriptions lacked a legitimate medical purpose and were beyond the bounds of medical practice was insufficient because it consists solely of expert testimony regarding general prescribing patterns for WC, and WC did not testify at trial.
Love's sole argument on appeal was that she was not required to produce expert testimony to establish causation.
Expert testimony is a requirement in medical malpractice lawsuits, unless a plaintiff can successfully invoke the res ipsa loquitur doctrine.
Air Quality Analysis and Monitoring * Permitting * Dispersion Modeling * Air Toxics * Meteorological Analysis * Industrial Meteorology * Litigation Support * Expert Testimony
Battered women may offer expert testimony regarding battered spouse syndrome to support a defense of insanity, diminished capacity, heat of passion, or duress.
At the district court level in the Teva case, defendants relied upon expert testimony to argue that certain claims were indefinite because the claim term "average molecular weight" could have different meanings in the relevant field.
Recently, an en banc panel of the Ninth Circuit considered the question of how to dispose of an appeal after determining that the trial court erred by admitting expert testimony without performing its gatekeeping role.
v Experts: Building a Product Case With Expert Testimony and Why Due Diligence in Selection Pays off
(33) While the judge may determine if the proponent of the expert testimony laid enough foundation to establish the witness's qualifications as an expert since it presents questions of law, (34) the jury should determine the reliability of the methods the expert used since it primarily entails questions of fact.
In theory, Daubert is not necessarily more or less restrictive than Florida's version of Frye, which includes a "pure opinion exception" for expert testimony given novel or new areas of expertise and science.
Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals erroneously ignored the Daubert guidelines for expert testimony in Accenture, LLP v.
Chapters four and five explore the effective use of stories, metaphors, similes, myths, and archetypes in testimony as one creates "forensic rapport." Examples of expert testimony found at the University of Missouri-Kansas City webpage appear throughout, along with a whole chapter providing case studies.
(3) Many researchers contend that the most effective countermeasure to unreliable eyewitness testimony is the admission of expert testimony. (4) Nevertheless, courts across the country continue to preclude the admission of expert testimony regarding the accuracy of eyewitness accounts.
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