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an account to which salespersons or executives can charge travel and entertainment expenses

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In one version of the ERISA expense account, revenue sharing is credited to a hypothetical bookkeeping account maintained by the recordkeeper for the benefit of the plan, but the actual revenue-sharing dollars remain with the recordkeeper as part of its general assets.
The selectmen and Finance Committee said the truck should have been purchased from the capital outlay account, after the money was transferred from the general expense account by voters at the December town meeting.
By gaining the trust of several employees who worked in the administrative offices of the college, Kranacher was secretly provided with documents that showed the president had used the school's expense account reimbursements to line her own pockets.
The charges stem from allegations that Coughlin misappropriated as much as $500,000 from Wal-Mart through fraudulent expense account entries and improperly obtained gift cards.
You donOt need to be on an expense account to travel like a fat cat.
Post employees on a higher level--the ones who get company-issued American Express credit cards--have been put on notice that fudging on the expense account will no longer be allowed, nor will it be winked at.
Credits to a revenue account or expense account usually mean the initial reserve is being used differently from what the initial accounting appears to reflect.
Which I did, at People Magazine, where even entry-level jobs came with a bottomless expense account.
You'd have a chance to unwind, see something of the city for a change, or work on your expense account if you felt especially creative.
My work is not so exciting as reporting on foreign affairs, and I do miss the Los Angeles Times expense account, but, so far, I am having a good time and even doing some good."
If each accrued liability account had a single dedicated expense account (not used in connection with any other liability account), the book expense and tax deduction related to that liability could be easily determined.
Congress intended that USAID pay for the administrative costs of delivering foreign assistance (its "cost of doing business") from an operating expense account separate from its humanitarian and development assistance program funds.
expense account from the check, bill or credit card charge when purchased and an income account when the Customer Job is invoiced.
While it might be difficult to justify on the expense account, there is good value with a three-night package for US$735 for a standard (city view) room, US$915 (sea view) and US$1,035 (sea view deluxe suite)-plus the 15% in taxes and service charges and the US$3 per night tourist tax.
City council has given unanimous support for an expense account of $20,000 to determine if a deal can be made with the owner of the ship.