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This average is higher than the expats earning in major cities such as Sydney ($134,368), Tokyo ($132,508), Doha ($131,408), Singapore ($117,515), Kuala Lumpur ($117,515), Oslo ($114,538), London ($107,863), Vienna ($103,342) and Istanbul ($100,577) among others.
It has been noted that the Omanisation policy and strict visa regulation for expats have resulted in this drop in the number of expats, who are increasingly getting replaced by Omanis.
According to HSBC survey, the bustling city of Dubai is rated higher than London, San Francisco, Paris, New York, and Angeles for active social life as 36 per cent of expats enjoy a busier and better social life since they moved to the emirate.
Nearly nine in 10 expats (87 per cent) said they are happy with their lives in Bahrain, a country that offers them everything they need, Expat Insider 2017 Survey Report said.
The ranking is based on data from the annual Expat Insider Survey, which asked around 13,000 expats representing 166 nationalities in 188 countries to rate over 25 different aspects of urban life abroad on a scale of one to seven.
MCI campaign, on its first day, resulted in the closure of 14 unlicensed facilities in Riyadh, in addition to the escape of the violators and illegal expats immediately after the start of the inspection campaign.
Expats particularly appreciate how easy it is to live in the city without speaking the local language: an impressive 92 per cent of respondents agree that this is the case.
He claims it would reduce road congestion, boost government revenues and reduce traffic pollution since it would discourage expats from applying for a driving licence.
More than eight in 10 expats in Bahrain (87 per cent) are happy with their life in general.
Meanwhile, new fees to be imposed on expats and their dependents in Saudi Arabia from July 2017 will be a financial burden not only on them and their families but also on their employers, a member of the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry has warned.
GCC expats are behind their counterparts in North America, Europe and Asia when it comes to retirement planning, a study by global financial firm Guardian Wealth Management has found.
The region overall remains an excellent destination for expats to improve their earnings, increase their savings and enjoy a greater disposable income, it said.
5 million Egyptians, according to recent statistics from the Egyptian Expats Union.
The majority of British expats in Cyprus said they will vote to stay in the EU, according to survey by expat network Angloinfo, reflecting the view of most Britons living in other EU countries.
Expats come and take our jobs and get paid too much," she replied with a smile.