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Synonyms for striptease

a performer who provides erotic entertainment by undressing to music

a form of erotic entertainment in which a dancer gradually undresses to music

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Ballard told the teen in Spencer that several women work for him providing exotic dancing for private parties, sexual favors and pornography.
The exotic dancing performed by Plaintiff and proposed class does not require invention, imagination or talent in a recognized field of artistic endeavor," the lawsuit said.
Dad Michael is a solicitor, mum Sarah is a dentist, and 23-year-old Emma has a 14ft python she uses in her exotic dancing routine (does that mean she's a stripper?
Abby Broughton got into exotic dancing to help support a useless, drug-addicted boyfriend in Las Vegas.
But the fear is that an exotic dancing club overlooking the cathedral courtyard would damage the project, with a lottery bid due to be submitted in September.
The Very Rev Chris Dalliston, Dean of Newcastle, fears the proposed exotic dancing club, which would overlook the courtyard at St Nicholas' Cathedral, would damage a bid for pounds 5m lottery funding for the Heart of the City project.
But he said that the club was happy to adhere to the existing conditions which covered the club with regard to the exotic dancing.
William Fried, a popular speaker for the annual career day, told the students in January that stripping and exotic dancing could earn girls up to $250,000 a year, depending on their bust size.
Management consultant William Fried told 13-year-olds at Jane Lathrop Stanford Middle School that stripping and exotic dancing can pay pounds 125, 000 or more per year, depending on their bust size.
My wife books events for a co-worker who does exotic dancing on the side.
She said the clubs know many women are out of work and are flashing dollar signs in hopes that women will seek what economic relief exotic dancing offers.
When Gypsy Rose Lee started her career in what used to be called exotic dancing, her fellow dancers -- at least in the movie version -- told her she had to have a gimmick.
Key words: Stripping Socialization Exotic dancing Deviant occupation
Traditional exotic dancing discouraged contact between the performer and audience, with the popular understanding being that any patron who touched risked being evicted.