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a nuclease that releases one nucleotide at a time (serially) beginning at one of a nucleic acid

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The company said chemically modified RNA improves in vivo stability by protecting RNA molecules against exonuclease attack, allowing it to persist longer in certain cell Types and regions of genomic DNA that can be challenging to edit using conventional guide RNAs.
Lambda exonuclease was purchased from Thermofisher SCIENTIFIC (Canada).
Mismatch repair is a complex process that depends on MMR proteins and multiple proteins that interact directly with DNA (single-stranded DNA-binding protein; exonucleases I, VII, and X; RecJ exonuclease; DNA helicase II; DNA polymerase III; and DNA ligase).
Exonucleases cleave only residues at the end of a molecule, whereas an endonuclease can cleave at any point within the molecule.
The presence of partially degraded RNA suggests that endonucleases rather than exonucleases are primarily involved in the degradation of salivary RNA, because exonucleases are usually processive, degrading the target RNA substrates completely or giving rise to significant degradation on one end of the mRNA, as has been shown for plasma RNA (26).
Accordingly, enzymes called exonucleases pick up where UDGases and other base cutters leave off, excising damaged nucleotides.