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a guided missile developed by the French government for use against ships

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With its Aster, Sea Ceptor and Exocet missile systems, MBDA will be able to offer the latest capabilities in both naval air defence and long-range anti-ship operations.
HMS Sheffield which was hit |by an Argentinian exocet missile
In retaliation, director of the SAS Brigadier Peter de la Billiere launched an ambitious plan to destroy Argentina's three remaining Exocet missiles, the aircraft that carried them and slaughter the pilots in their quarters.
But the archives show she privately warned him it could have "disastrous" consequences for the entire NATO alliance if a fresh consignment of French-built Exocets was allowed to reach Argentina, the report added.
The Foreign Office discounted suggestions the boxes contained Exocet missiles, but were anxious to stop the flow of weapons.
The MM40 Exocet Block 3 has a range of up to 180 km (97 nm), and the ability to accept way-point guidance using Global Positioning System (GPS) information.
But the Essex Exocet somehow launched into a 3-1 lead at the mid-session interval.
By comparison, the French Exocet anti-ship missile, the only missile to have struck an American warship in combat, flies at slightly less than the speed of sound.
Other top sellers include it's Hard Surface Cleaner (G7), descaling Cleaner (C6), Tap and Shower Desealer (H1), industrial Grade Paint Remover (A10) and Exocet (X1), a newly formulated caustic granule which dissolves grease, oil, fat and hair in sinks, showers, washbasins, baths, urinals and drains.
ON 25 May 1982 the Liverpool-based merchant Navy ship Atlantic Conveyor was hit by two Exocet missiles fired by a pair of Argentine Super [ETH]tendard jet fighters.
ANSWERS: 1 Its conning tower; 2 William Congreve; 3 Exocet missile; 4 The Philippines; 5 The Green Cross Code; 6 Matchbox labels; 7 Mary Pickford; 8 Illinois; 9 Scottish bagpipes; 10 Showjumping.
A new law is required to protect the van passengers and other motorists from the carnage caused by the lunatics who are driving these vans, which are often seen breaking the speed limit, weaving from lane to lane without indicating or thundering up the outside lane (please note - this is NOT the fast lane, it is for overtaking ONLY) like an Exocet missile, tailgating and flashing other motorists, some of whom shouldn't be in that lane either
On 12 June 1982, as she returned from a bombardment in support of the last major battle of the Falklands War, county-class destroyer HMS Glamorgan was struck by an Exocet missile launched from a mobile launcher near Stanley, capital of the Falkland Islands.
The frigates are also equipped with eight Exocet MM40 anti-ship missiles.
See me, I'd rather stand in front of the one o'clock gun than stick my dome on one of those Exocet missiles.