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system consisting of the parts of an engine through which burned gases or steam are discharged

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When police detain motorbike riders with modified exhaust pipes, he said, they should only issue a warning.
The formation process of deposits can be divided into three parts [8, 9]: urea water solution forms the wall film when running into a blank wall in the exhaust pipes; and then, the wall film will form soft crystal when the concentration of urea is higher than the certain critical value; at last, the soft crystal will form into deposits when it undergoes a series of complicated physical and chemical reactions in different temperatures.
Wuxi XinDeBao, an OEM supplier of exhaust pipe sub-systems for major car brands, recently completed a successful flex coupling durability test programme with a new simulation table specifically designed by Moog to handle smaller payloads of up to 100 kg.
According to the Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Ministry, the exhaust pipes in those models manufactured between August 2007 and August 2010 have insufficient strength.
Accumulation of baked resin oils in the die exhaust pipes are the most difficult problem to avoid.
That's because when tiny particles of lead are emitted from exhaust pipes, they pollute the environment, causing health problems.
The soot spewing from the exhaust pipes of diesel buses doesn't just look dirty, it is dirty, accounting for 20 percent of U.S.
The Clio Renaultsport 182 boasts new, eight spoke,16- inch alloy wheels on 205/45Michelin tyres, a re-profiled rear bumper that now incorporates twin exhaust pipes, new interior trim,and 10bhp more than its Clio Renaultsport 172 predecessor.
Due to be launched in spring, the four exhaust pipes at the back gave the game away but when the driver saw I was closing for a quick gander, he buried the throttle.
It also can be used for sealing housings and pipes or to repair other high-temperature equipment like afterburners or exhaust pipes. This thixotropic composition can be machined and sanded after setting at room temperature for 4-8 hr and curing at 200F (93C) for 2-4 hr.
The trademark holes that stand in for mouths and other orifices, exhaust pipes, grates, cosmic depths, and existential voids in Bontecou's sculptures show up in the drawings, at times lined with jagged or blocky teeth that look as if they were lifted from a cartoon or, alternatively, from the illustrated journals of a dentist I wouldn't want to visit.
And if forests aren't there to absorb the massive levels of carbon dioxide we humans pump out of our exhaust pipes and smoke stacks, then maybe a good slashing and burning will whip them into shape!
The appearance of the new models also stands out, with all four models getting the 911 Turbo headlights, a completely reshaped front, an extended rear end panel and two oval exhaust pipes.
He said some of the teenage drivers used loud exhaust pipes while others sped on their motorbikes or carried out dangerous manoeuvres on the road, causing a public nuisance.