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A Flemish observer wrote in 1535 that "if there had not been so many foreigners and 'our [Flemish] countrymen' to exercize the mechanical Arts, it would have been very difficult to find a shoemaker or barber" in Portugal.
1) This remark of Emerson's has by no means aged, and the essay from which it is drawn ends with these words, which lend it perspective: "I have just been conversing with one man to whom no weight of adverse experience will make it for a moment appear impossible that thousands of human beings might exercize [sic] toward each other the grandest and simplest sentiments, as well as a knot of friends or a pair of lovers.
INTEGRATED MOVEMENT EXERCIZE is a cross-conditioning system that shapes the legs, hips, abdominals, back, chest and arms.
Midway through the wildly overextended and vulgar exercize in kitsch that is Matthew Bourne's "The Car Man," your eyes become increasingly drawn to a pleading-eyed young man in a white T-shirt whose heart -- once wounded -- can turn blacker than black.
The federal government recognizes that a legal victory for Indigenous peoples (in contrast to a negotiated settlement) would recognize that Indigenous peoples do not need the consent of Canada in order to exercize our title, or practice our rights.
Thus, the argument went, employers in a multiemployer group should be subject to antitrust scrutiny for postimpasse changes uniformly imposed because after impasse they don't have to act uniformly; rather they can exercize their rights to implement new terms individually.
Among the tenets of the Protestant tradition we find deep alienation from human essence, deluded and unreliable reason, corruption of positive or human law and necessary submission to ironclad mores of conduct not amenable to understanding via the exercize of reason, revelation, revolution, self-sacritice, and communalism [p.
I think if there is an exciting task at the end of the journey, it encourages them to exercize
95 points to win the floor exercize at the national championships in Corvallis, Ore.
Noting this can only strengthen the novels' already canonical status, which would suggest that the appreciation and reading of intertextuality in Conrad is not the reductive exercize Watt is understandably cautious about, rather that "the hypertext [.
Therefore, decisions tend to be made, not through democratic discussion or participation, but through negotiation between the relevant groups based upon their expertise, their interests, and their ability to exercize influence.
the impact--perhaps only subliminal--which awareness of a certain societal context may exercize on a reader of a specific text.