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Synonyms for exercise

Synonyms for exercise

energetic physical action

repetition of an action so as to develop or maintain one's skill

to bring to bear steadily or forcefully

to subject to or engage in forms of exertion in order to train, strengthen, or condition

to carry out the functions, requirements, or terms of

Synonyms for exercise

a task performed or problem solved in order to develop skill or understanding


Related Words

put to use

carry out or practice

give a workout to

learn by repetition

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If the ISO holding period is not satisfied, the optionee generally recognizes compensation income on the date of the disqualifying disposition, equal to the excess of the stock's FMV over the amount paid to exercise the option.
Second, because the fixedpayment obligation is fully defeased, FM need not draw on other sources of capital to exercise the option.
If The Screenwriter Dig does not exercise the option to purchase the submission, all rights to the submission will be reverted back to the Top 10 Finalist at the end of the 18-month option period;
However, A could exercise the options only after he performs additional services.
Icahn agreed that one of his entities would provide the Asbestos Trust its desired liquidity by either exercising an option, after the effective date of the Plan, to acquire the Asbestos Trust's position in Federal-Mogul or, if it did not exercise the option, by providing certain financing to the Trust.
The price was reduced in part to induce Boston Scientific to exercise the option prior to our receipt of FDA approval and in part to offset the payments we made to acquire additional intellectual property rights.
0 billion to be sold to SPS by December 31, 2005 if CSFB does not exercise the option to purchase SPS.
Northern Dynasty has completed more than 60,000 feet of drilling on the Exploration Lands as required under the agreement to exercise the option.
In order to exercise the option granted under the Agreement, the Sudbury Joint Venture, among other things, was required to incur exploration expenditures totaling C$30 million on the properties over a 52-month period, commencing January 10, 2002.