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an organization chartered for other than profit-making activities

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The IRS offers an online search tool, Exempt Organizations Select Check, to help users more easily find key information about the federal tax status and filings of certain tax-exempt organizations, including whether organizations have had their federal tax exemptions automatically revoked.
Additionally, debt financing could trigger the UBTI rules when an exempt organization disposes of its interest in a partnership.
If so, the exempt organization risks its tax exemption if the third party receives any impermissible benefit.
Under the statute covering REITs, certain income, termed "impermissible tenant service income," is income that would not be excluded from the UBIT rental exclusion in IRC Section 512(b)(3) had it been received by an exempt organization.
Ancillary joint ventures involve a limited portion of the assets or services of an exempt organization.
Most states conform to the federal classification of an entity as an exempt organization.
What's happening is a lot of these grant-making organizations that are going and downloading our data fries every month are not seeing the exempt organizations show up," explained Ron Williams, project manager, Office of Business Systems Planning, the department of the IRS that maintains online files of exempt organizations.
The Exempt Organization Taxation Technical Resource Panel is preparing an Information Letter Request to the Internal Revenue Service containing examples of ancillary joint ventures between tax-exempt organizations and for-profit investors that would not jeopardize the organization's exempt status.
If the activity is "of a kind normally conducted by nonexempt commercial organizations on a year-round basis, the conduct of such [activity] by an exempt organization over a period of only a few weeks does not constitute the regular carrying on of a trade or business.
If not subject to tax on net income derived from business ventures unrelated to its exempt purpose or functions, an exempt organization would have a financial advantage over a for-profit entity carrying on a competing enterprise.
Sellers were obligated to make "charitable contributions" and pay service fees to the exempt organization, but usually only out of the proceeds of the sale, and conditional upon the closing of the sale.
Excess benefits or private inurements occur when a benefit is received for inadequate consideration by an individual who has the ability to exercise substantial control or influence over an exempt organization.
Significantly increased reporting requirements apply to exempt organization activities outside the United States.
The audit team is part of the fiscal year 2003 IRS Exempt Organization work plan.