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8220;CodeSonar for Binaries makes it easy to examine large executables rapidly.
The number of insidious applications and executables has grown tremendously, and Websense has continually updated its Master Database to provide a proactive defense at the employee desktop against today's web-based threats," said Leo Cole, vice president of marketing for Websense.
Finjan's SurfinShield Corporate will protect users from ALL variants of this Trojan as well as new "packed" malicious executables through its proactive monitoring technology that "sandboxes" executables saved on PCs and blocks any executable that violates a security policy.
Coverage Analyzer easily identifies untested or bottleneck code, allowing users to address performance issues before executables are deployed.
Finjan's SurfinShield Corporate is a PC-based first-strike security solution that features run-time monitoring of executables and Web content.
Infis is another example of Trojan executables which are appearing more frequently.
Finjan First to Market With Run-time Monitoring of Executables
SSF comprises four integrated modules that control access to information, access to devices, and integrity of executables, and deliver event logs and audit trails.
today introduced SafeGate(TM), the first member of its Secure Executables Platform (SEP) family.
Additionally, users of EnCase Enterprise are able to create a customized library by hashing their own internal executables or the entire contents of gold disks and adding them to the existing database of cataloged files.
today announced at Internet World new software which will secure enterprise networks from undesirable executables which appear on JAVA applets, ActiveX components, DLLs and other network applications.
Leveraging BEA WebLogic SIP Server, not only have they done thorough interoperable testing with IMS, they have also provided software, downloadable executables, and clear direction on building out simple to sophisticated media based services.
Leveraging the world's most comprehensive catalog of executables, drivers, and patches (1.
Applications range from creating a JAUS system with zero user-written software using existing executables, to creating stand-alone JAUS components with a software pipe interface, to utilizing an existing system with shared variables as the only interface, all the way to constructing a full system from the ground up.
WellSpan's IT department is also evaluating AppSense security solutions, which would enable it to block of unauthorized executables that gain access to servers and desktops, and self-heal systems back to a pre-determined state.