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capable of being done with means at hand and circumstances as they are

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Additional information: The initial executable file (Minhasfotos.
If a floppy disk is introduced into an infected computer, it does not necessarily have to contain an executable file for it to become infected or function as a carrier.
Administrators retain total oversight, setting rules, monitoring activity, and even controlling network lockdown if necessary; yet at the desktop level, users are empowered to authorize applications and executable files they personally know and trust.
The executable file feature is especially useful for administrators who have computers in a public area where there may be security concerns, like an education center, or those who work with computers and users not available for ordinary servicing.
Through Finjan's proactive "sandbox" technology, executable files such as the WinNT.
IM viruses are transmitted in two ways -- as executable file attachments or as hyperlinks in IM text directing victims to malicious Web servers.
To streamline the deployment of GPOs, GPAnywhere for SMS creates a stand-alone executable file (EXE) which contains the desired settings.
In its January 5th WMF FAQ, Computerworld noted that the exploit "can be any kind of executable file, but payloads so far appear to be mainly of the adware and spyware type.
This release includes a smart system scanner that automatically detects all current executable files on a system and places them in an allowed list while ensuring that the folder and file can't be overwritten by newer executable files.
handling documents and executable files attached to messages from unknown outsiders
To prevent infection, businesses are reminded to block executable files at the email gateway and to keep their anti-virus protection up-to-date.
Training on-demand--anywhere, anytime--is delivered by Tooling University, which exports classes to a Pocket PC via executable files.
A US$3,000 subscription gets you rights to download executable files of the extensive versions of the data to build your own views of the numbers.
Cholera combines the rapid dispersal facility used by 'worms,' CA claims, as well as more traditional virus capabilities, infection of executable files.