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So, to avoid that kind of hint, he thought to hide data within executable files.
In a typical infection, a virus is hidden in what's called an executable file, which is a file that contains the instructions of a working program.
6] You should be able to get the author's phone number and/or address from examining the executable file.
The virus is activated when the recipient double-clicks on its attachment, which masks an executable file such as a bat, com, Ink and/or pif file.
The virus is transported by an HTML email containing malicious code, an executable file called My Romeo and a compiled help file (.
Simply point and click to start the cleanup process because this program doesn't come with an installation routine--just a single executable file.
BM is a Windows executable file of 34KB, and is attached to messages with an empty subject box, with the e-mail's body containing 'new price' or 'price'.
4 can compile a script into an executable file with a single mouse click, by opening any script and hitting the toolbar icon to save the script as an exe file.
It examines multiple aspects of an executable file, calculating an overall threat score.
exe," malware writers are able to lure unwary recipients into clicking on an executable file attached to an email message, using a technique known as social engineering.
Nested Executable File Groups--Applications can now be organized into hierarchical groups, greatly simplifying the administration and management of application use policies.
The Sentinel Shell is an automated process that 'wraps' an executable file allowing developers to quickly and easily license and protect their software application.
A logic bomb is an executable file that, once triggered, executes malicious code that deletes files on a server even during power outages or system reboots.
IM viruses are transmitted in two ways -- as executable file attachments or as hyperlinks in IM text directing victims to malicious Web servers.
To streamline the deployment of GPOs, GPAnywhere for SMS creates a stand-alone executable file (EXE) which contains the desired settings.