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clearing of guilt or blame

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Whether you are a public official, a private citizen or a Guantanamo Bay detainee, the prosecution, indeed the United States government, must produce exculpatory evidence so that justice shall be done.
Maryland decision to turn over exculpatory evidence so that the trial will be fair.
decision cannot be made without full disclosure of exculpatory evidence.
being known to the police or having a mug shot), the expert panel involved in the study noted that this may bias police and prosecutors into prematurely narrowing the focus and ignoring potentially exculpatory evidence (e.
65) In a world where an ethical prosecutor is not actively attempting to hide exculpatory evidence, (66) it may be in the defendant's best interest to allow the prosecutor's office--with double the resources (67) and the discretion to drop criminal charges (68)--to make the assessment of what evidence materially undermines the likelihood of the defendant's guilt.
Lately he has been hit by scandal after scandal--from fundraising quirks, to patronage positions in his office, to an Orthodox prosecutor in one of those patronage positions making appointments with hookers from his office phone, to an allegedly corrupt prosecutor who has been castigated by judges for withholding exculpatory evidence from defendants.
A similar example of weak oversight involves what's known as "Brady material," which refers to exculpatory evidence that prosecutors are required to show defendants.
Ruto's trial had been due to begin on May 28, but his lawyers say that late disclosure of potentially exculpatory evidence by the prosecutor had made it impossible for them to prepare his defence in time.
Part II provides an analysis of how the Court dealt with the issue of disclosure of exculpatory evidence, and Part III shows the Court's decision on the issue of intermediaries.
Ross's legal defense team uncovered evidence of false testimony by key trial witnesses, including the victim, and tracked down exculpatory evidence from several new witnesses.
34) The court implied that its narrower interpretation of "new" might not be equitable where the underlying constitutional claim is ineffective assistance of counsel for failure to raise exculpatory evidence, but nevertheless concluded that it was bound by Eighth Circuit precedent.
In an extraordinary development in June 2008, the ICC Trial Chamber stayed Lubanga's trial because of the prosecutor's failure to disclose to the defence exculpatory evidence (which could show that Lubanga was innocent).
Observers of the first and second instance trials, including from the OSCE, reported serious violations of fair trial standards, such as over-reliance on police evidence, and the failure of the authorities to adequately address the intimidation of defence witnesses and lawyers, to consider exculpatory evidence, and to effectively follow-up on visible signs of torture.
Supreme Court to place an affirmative constitutional duty on prosecutors to disclose exculpatory evidence to a defendant.
If a suit is filed at a later date, the documentation of a normal EKG can serve as exculpatory evidence.