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a large room in a exchange where the trading is done


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Louise Jones, who went straight from high school to the stock exchange floor, climbing up to head her own company, celebrates her 35th birthday with friends at the phone booth where her mother abandoned her when she was 2 days old.
When the stock market opened on Monday morning, Merrill Lynch's traders lacked the electronic data feeds normally used to send orders to the exchange floor.
After pressing the bell button, the 120-centimeter-tall robot, which walks in a way similar to a human, raised its hands in a gesture of ''banzai'' amid cheering from traders on the exchange floor.
Executives insist the new company will offer the industry's most comprehensive and proven e-commerce solutions, such as the exchange floor, online auctions and futures exchange.
Exchange Floor - World Chemical Exchange, Chem-Connect Inc.
com, which launched an exchange floor for almonds last February, recently started an online exchange site for tomato traders.
One wonders what's going to happen to these fellows on a day when the market suddenly heads south--not gently, but as it did in October 1987--plummeting too rapidly for sell orders to be executed as they are received on the exchange floor.
Although this is the first year the NYSE has closed for the holiday, it has marked it with a minute of silence on the exchange floor since 1986.
But its roots actually go back to 1986 and the "Big Bang," when Britain's financial markets were deregulated and the LSE began moving pricing information via network, rather than across an exchange floor.
The exchange floor really reflects the city as far as who's there," says Chris.
Ticonderoga Securities operates a dual capability with a New York Stock Exchange floor based team providing direct access as well as the desk based models.
The performance "extended bodyshell" includes the following, Keyword-like masses: - construction site equipment with meeting and sanitary containers, - make construction site, Foundation trenches and exchange floor 750m, - make planum of about 2 400 m 2 , - underground lines below the building, - cleanliness layer approx.
It is pretty busy with a lot of activity coming from the CTAs (Commodity Trading Advisers)," a London Metal Exchange floor trader said.
Trading on the open outcry markets, where traders do business on the exchange floor, was suspended but resumed at 4pm, said a IPE spokeswoman.
66 million shares changed hands on the New York Stock Exchange floor Tuesday.