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Figure 1: Women admitted to Australian hospitals suffering from excessive vomiting in pregnancy.
Secondly, excessive vomiting resulted in secondary hyper-aldosteronism that too leads to urinary potassium loss.
In another case, where 10 people fell sick and were hospitalised due to excessive vomiting, the department found aluminium phosphide, a chemical used to treat pests such as rats, in high quantity in the apartment.
Other possible causes include: * Medications which dry the skin, such as Accutane; * An excess of vitamins, which can occur when large amounts of liver (including cod liver oil and other fish oils) are consumed or as a result of an excess of vitamin A in food supplements; * Malnutrition and excessive vomiting as a result of eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa; * Cold weather - just think of how often you lick your lips on frosty, wintry days; * Allergies to toothpaste and lipstick.
Gastroenteritis and other related illness that spread through drinking water, leads to dehydration because of excessive vomiting and diarrhoea that eventually cause shortage of minerals such as potassium and sodium in the body.
1] (thiamine) can be induced through excessive vomiting, which occurs most often with overadjusted gastric bands.
Excessive vomiting, diarrhea, constipation and blood in the stool should also be taken seriously as a possible reaction to cow's milk.
The symptoms can include frequent weight change, tooth decay and bad breath caused by excessive vomiting, lethargy and facial swelling.
Those with co-morbidities associated with excessive vomiting, e.
If opioids are causing excessive vomiting, potent NSAIDs can be prescribed for postoperative pain, but these drugs can increase the risk of postoperative bleeding, he noted.
Signs include sore throat, tooth decay and bad breath caused by excessive vomiting, poor skin condition and possible hair loss, tiredness, uncontrollable urges to eat vast amounts of food, anxiety and depression.