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Synonyms for windfall

Synonyms for windfall

fruit that has fallen from the tree

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a sudden happening that brings good fortune (as a sudden opportunity to make money)

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According to Citizens Advice, electricity networks alone are set to make excess profits averaging [pounds sterling]75 per household across the eight years in even the least affected regions of London, Southern and South East England, the North West and Eastern England.
Commissioner Margrethe Vestager in charge of competition policy, commented "The Belgian 'excess profit' tax system appears to grant substantial tax reductions only to certain multinational companies that would not be available to stand-alone companies."
at 1905 (characterizing British excess profits tax as income tax under U.S.
Penalties or remedies to the violation include "the imposition of price controls, issuance of injunctions, requirement of divestment or disgorgement of excess profits and imposition of fines and penalties."
In fact, the Supreme Court was willing to rearrange the foreign tax formula to demonstrate that the tax was economically equivalent to an excess profits tax--a clear rejection of the legalistic approach
They reckon they can do it while letting the Big Six energy companies keep excess profits.
David Cameron has rejected proposals for a tax to be slapped on energy companies' excess profits suggested by his predecessor, Sir John Major.
Temir Sariev also talked about a new tax to be levied on excess profits of mobile operators.
Under the current set-up, investors have made annual returns as high as 60 per cent by selling their shares in PFI projects, and there is evidence of "excess profits" being built into the initial pricing of contracts, the PAC report said.
Therefore earlier claimed by the government cutting of "excess profits", which have been used to compensate for potential overdue payables, seems quite logical if the new model is adopted.
"excess profits." These are noted in the table in footnotes to the
It is also inherent in our previous assertion that monopoly rent, which includes both the resource rent and excess profits, exceeds the resource rent obtained in the competitive market.
THE International Monetary Fund is considering plans for an "excess profits tax" on banks worldwide to raise cash in the wake of the financial crisis, it is claimed.
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