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a member of a people living in southern Benin and Togo and southeastern Ghana

a Kwa language spoken by the Ewe in Ghana and Togo and Benin

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female sheep

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Top prices: Cast ewes -WJ Owen & Co, Troedyfoel, Llanymawddwy; Ram -Rhodri Jarrett, Hendre Fawr, Bronaber; In-lamb ewes -G Williams, Dwynant, Bontddu; Hoggets -W Davies a'I Fab, Tyn Drain, Trawsfynydd.
CULL SHEEP (36): A small entry sold to PS95 for a ram from Howells, 5 Kensington Street, who also sold ewes at PS68 and PS67; other leading prices at PS68 for a ram from Lewis & Son, Cilgwyn Mawr; PS66.
0) and nutritional treatments during very late pregnancy and lactation and their potential interaction on the performance of twin-bearing ewes and their lambs to weaning.
Current study correlated MBS with the performance of lambs until weaning and provided a better understanding of the maternal-filial behavior among ewes and lambs, and their reactions.
Older ewes were also found to be more prone to acute mastitis and those with the infection were significantly more likely to have a lump in the udder when examined later in the same lactation.
Most of the information available in Mexico on hair ewes reproduction comes from tropical areas and therefore, the objective of this study is to evaluate the estrus distribution after introduction of the rams in the herd, animal live weight (LW) on estrus distribution (ED); and the effects of body condition (BC) on estrus distribution (ED).
There are several methods to determine the pregnancy status of a ewe.
Top priced Welsh Halfbred yearling ewes fetched pounds 180 for Alun Evans, Ffrith Fedw, Prion, Denbigh.
Our tup, who is called Augustus, wears a harness with a marker crayon which leaves a coloured mark on the rump of the ewes he has mated.
To provide enough of these mineral mixes to a band of sheep--around 1,000 ewes and their lambs--grazing remote areas, it would take a lot of horses to carry the supplement and supplies," says Greg Lewis, USSES research leader.
In summary, although we accept that there may be differences between the two types of pasture that may have contributed in some way to the present studies--for which we have been unable to control--we believe that our study achieved its primary goal: We established that exposure of pregnant ewes to a complex cocktail of environmental chemicals (those present in treated sewage sludge) could selectively affect development of the testes of male fetuses.
In half of the undernourished ewes, this cortisol spike came early.
To obtain an improved race of fine-fibered sheep, workers at Monte Dinero--literally, Mount Money--artificially inseminate select ewes with semen from prize-winning rams from Australia and other far-flung spots.