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Synonyms for Ewenki

a member of the people inhabiting an area of northern Mongolia and eastern Siberia


the Tungusic language of the Evenki in eastern Siberia

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The roughly 300 members of the local Ewenki tribal branch raise about 1,200 of the deer.
Yao Yuqin, [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (Ewenki People and Television), Communication University of China Publishing House, 2009.
What turned Wong on to the need for conservation was an NGS expedition to study the Ewenki, a nomadic hunting tribe.
The dictionary contains more than a thousand words in Yakut (or Sakha, Siberian Turkic) and Ewenki (Northern Tungusic) serving as equivalents for 1148 Russian entries.
In fact, an indigenous tribal group that originated from Siberia called Ewenki are known to herd some of the reindeer population in those parts.
Nevertheless, because of the immense territory over which the Ewenki people are scattered, their dialects are still insufficiently explored, so any publication of recent records or of unedited archive materials may contribute to the knowledge of Tungus vocabulary, grammar, and traditions.