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a member of a people living in southern Benin and Togo and southeastern Ghana

a Kwa language spoken by the Ewe in Ghana and Togo and Benin

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female sheep

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Thus, then, did we wait in great fear of mind till morning came, but when the child of morning, rosy-fingered Dawn, appeared, the male sheep hurried out to feed, while the ewes remained bleating about the pens waiting to be milked, for their udders were full to bursting; but their master in spite of all his pain felt the backs of all the sheep as they stood upright, without being sharp enough to find out that the men were underneath their bellies.
You are not wont to let the ewes go before you, but lead the mob with a run whether to flowery mead or bubbling fountain, and are the first to come home again at night; but now you lag last of all.
EWE TEL is making significant investments in its broadband network to become even more competitive in its region and provide more advanced services to residential and business customers.
BREEDING SHEEP: Texel Yearling Rams to PS360 from BK & ZJ Lane, with others at PS270 and PS265 EWE LAMBS: 115 ewe lambs predominantly long keep and Welsh to a top price of PS55.
Ewe body condition score (BCS) in late pregnancy and lactation can affect lamb birth weight, live weight gain, and weaning weight (see review Kenyon et al [11]).
Further documentation can be obtained from EWE NETZ GmbH
The selection of sheep by maternal ability through the Maternal Behavior Score (MBS), described is capable of improving the productive and economic efficiency of sheep production business traditionally assessed by the weaned lamb weights per ewe.
As a result, they discovered that acute mastitis was more likely in ewes with poor udder conformation, teat lesions and inadequate nutrition in pregnancy, as well as those feeding twins or triplets.
1990 found an effect of ewe breeding weight on prolificacy was positive in all years (1983 and 1984) and significant in 1985 and pooled across years.
There are several methods to determine the pregnancy status of a ewe.
5 points given the 128-point return on Sunday but a safer punt looks to be EWE in receipt of a start of 2.
BELOW: Ewe lambs from Gwyn Jones, Nant Gwyn, Eglwysbach, topped the section at pounds 96
We tend to lamb our ewes outside in the field, then dip the lamb's navels in iodine to prevent infection and move the ewe and lambs into the shed for a few days before turning them out again on a fine day.