burden of proof

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the duty of proving a disputed charge

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That is how an evidentiary burden works and I think this is what Ward says (on its best reading).
Post-Grant Proceedings Are Subject to a More Onerous Evidentiary Burden than Patent Owners in European Opposition Proceedings D.
For the other certification criteria, the CPA does not expressly address the plaintiffs evidentiary burden.
153) Thus, unlike Alaska's summary judgment standard, directed verdict analysis incorporates the movant's evidentiary burden in determining whether a factual issue is genuinely disputed.
High Evidentiary Burden and Traps in the Enforcement Process 1.
This Part discusses new evidentiary burdens on plaintiffs; various class certification requirements (the class definition, numerosity, commonality, adequacy, and classes under Rule 23(b)(2) and (b)(3)); certification of settlement classes; "issues classes" under Rule 23(c)(4); and classwide arbitration.
codified version, require the plaintiff to meet an evidentiary burden to
Regarding the claim that Nasheed's resignation was forced, the report stated, "Because of the seriousness of the charge [the] person who alleges illegal duress or intimidation carries the legal burden as well as evidentiary burden of proof.
Given that companies have not retained the types of records identified by FDA, very few dietary ingredients will be able to satisfy this evidentiary burden.
71) Instead of limiting the meaning of the presumption of validity to its evidentiary function, however, the Court chose to read the word "presume" as a term of art that carried with it a clear and convincing evidentiary burden of proof.
GAO previously suggested that Congress amend TSCA to reduce the evidentiary burden EPA must meet to control toxic substances and continues to believe such change warrants consideration.
Prosecutors said on Tuesday the judges who rejected the charges were wrong in applying "an evidentiary burden that is inappropriate for this procedural stage".
The prosecutor's application for appeal that was made public today contends that in its decision the Chamber "imposes an evidentiary burden that is inappropriate for this early procedural stage".
Nowhere in the language of (the city ordinance) is there any support for imposing such a heightened evidentiary burden on the university in this case," the decision said.