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serving as or based on evidence


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Towards a semasiological account of evidentials: An enunciative approach of er in Modern Western Armenian.
Contextual semantics of 'Lhasa' Tibetan evidentials. SKASE Journal of Theoretical Linguistics 10(3).
Originating from nonfinites, the verbal forms used in Mansi to express the mirative can be more broadly understood to be evidentials. Derivational morphemes of participles grammaticalized into tense markers and voice (passive) markers.
Evidentials: Turkic, Iranian and Neighbouring Languages, Berlin, 2000.
Arakaki (English, Okinawa Christian U., Japan) does a fascinating job of identifying and analyzing evidentials in Ryukyuan using the Shuri variety of Luchuan typological and theoretical study of grammatical evidentiality.
The meanings of reported evidentials and reported speech are closely related.
This construction is possible with present time reference (58) and past time reference, and when it has past time reference, only indirect evidential forms can be used (59) and never direct evidentials.
He looks specifically at the evidential marking of hearsay, inference and mirativity, and argues that these indirect evidentials create a distance between the speaker and the discourse by marking the speaker as distinct from the person who acquired the evidence for the proposition expressed.
The Livonian evidentials are formally and semantically close to Estonian and Latvian evidentials; nevertheless, they reveal some specific features, which make them unique among the neighbouring languages (cf.
There are two views on the basic function of the evidentials in the semantic system of a language.
I have no data about the use of evidentials in non-indicative modalities.
Carretero disagrees with the notion that epistemic modality and evidentiality are two distinct conceptual categories (Aikhenvald 2003) and adopts the view that there is a continuum running from evidential to epistemic expressions.
vat-marked forms of the quotative and ku-marked forms of the jussive) and evidential strategies.