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serving as or based on evidence


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Lhasa Tibetan evidentials and the semantics of causation.
Contextual semantics of 'Lhasa' Tibetan evidentials.
Originating from nonfinites, the verbal forms used in Mansi to express the mirative can be more broadly understood to be evidentials.
1999a, The Semantics of Northern Khanty Evidentials.
Japan) does a fascinating job of identifying and analyzing evidentials in Ryukyuan using the Shuri variety of Luchuan typological and theoretical study of grammatical evidentiality.
Tsezic languages use special particles to indicate reported evidentials.
The meanings of reported evidentials and reported speech are closely related.
They also note that note that whereas I-embeddings "explicitly encode the speaker/writer's personal limitation of the validity of information" (personal responsibility), in the case of perceptual evidentials, such as It seems, "the commitment to the validity of the information is shared or at least potentially shared by the speaker/listener and other participants" (non-subjective or intersubjective responsibility) (Sanders and Spooren 1996: 246).
It will be shown that the development of dizque mirrors that found for reported evidentials in languages that have a grammaticized system of evidentiality, demonstrating that both lexical and grammaticized systems are subject to the same kinds of pragmatically motivated change.
Brandt's purpose is to develop certain models of the alleged organization of enunciation in order to specify its evidential aspect.
The Livonian evidentials are formally and semantically close to Estonian and Latvian evidentials; nevertheless, they reveal some specific features, which make them unique among the neighbouring languages (cf.
Evidentials are also labelled as 'mediatives' (Guentcheva 1996), 'confirmatives' (Aronson 1977), 'non-confirmatives' (Friedman 1979:339), 'validationals' or 'verificationals' (Aikhenvald 2004:15) etc.
There are two views on the basic function of the evidentials in the semantic system of a language.
I have no data about the use of evidentials in non-indicative modalities.
vat-marked forms of the quotative and ku-marked forms of the jussive) and evidential strategies.