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Synonyms for evidential

serving as or based on evidence


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"Evidendiality in English Conversation and Academic Writing." In Evidentiality: The Linguistic Coding of Epistemology, edited by Wallace Chafe and Johanna Nichols, 261-272.
Linguists explore issues pertaining to the expression of epistemic modality and evidentiality in relation to other linguistic categories and notions in the languages of Europe and the world from different angles and perspectives.
He is currently working on the project "Evidentiality and Epistemicity in Texts of Evaluative Discourse Genres.
It discusses a number of issues which are central to the understanding of epistemic modality, such as its relation to evidentiality, subjectivity, and objectivity.
"Styles of stance in English: lexical and grammatical marking of evidentiality and affect".
Inagaki, Kazuya 2013 TAME indicators in Kadorih, In: John Bowden, ed., Tense, Aspect, Mood and Evidentiality in the Languages of Indonesia, NUSA 55: 95-121.
Whereas Chen's stripped-down bare-boned hands encode a resolute belief in the ability to overcome China's crisis through the powers of a technologically mediated epistemology of visuality and Enlightenment empiricism, Lin's disappearing hands question the evidentiality of the visual.