Evariste Galois

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French mathematician who described the conditions for solving polynomial equations


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Evariste Galois: "I got killed in a stupid duel over a woman I didn't even like.
La pregunta se la hace Cecile Ladjali, tambien profesora, pero ella de ensenanza secundaria, en el Instituto Evariste Galois de Seine-Saint-Denis, un barrio marginal de las afueras de Paris.
The equation ultimately yielded to group theory, which Livio calls the "language of symmetry," Group theory was developed by two 19th-century mathematicians, Niels Henrik Abel and Evariste Galois, both of whom managed their achievements during tragically short lives, Abel died of tuberculosis at 26 and Galois was killed in a duel at age 20, Livio devotes special attention to Galois, whose proof would create a new branch of algebra, The author also delves deep into groups and permutations, and describes how symmetry applies to fields as diverse as physics and psychology.
Evariste Galois, one of the creators of group theory, may be the most famous romantic mathematician.
These include: Yutaka Taniyama, one of those most instrumental in the Fermat solution, who killed himself in 1958 because he was not confident about his future; Sophia Germain, living in the nineteenth century, who was forced to take on the identity of a man to pursue her passion in a field that was forbidden to women; Evariste Galois, whose advances in mathematics were ultimately vital to Wiles' proof, and who was tragically killed in a duel over a woman; and Paul Wolfskehl, a German industrialist who believed working on Fermat's last theorem saved him from suicide, and demonstrated his gratitude by establishing a lucrative prize in 1908 for anyone who could find a proof.
Whom the Gods Love: The Story of Evariste Galois. Reston, Va.: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 1975.
The French mathematician Evariste Galois (1811-1832) was killed in a duel before his twenty-first birthday.