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small genus of herbs of warm regions of southern North America to northern South America

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Eustoma exaltatum is native to the southern United States, Mexico, Central America, and the West Indies (Villareal 1998, Mansion & Zeltner 2004, Turner 2014); this is the first report of the genus for Flora of Colombia.
They wore two-piece gowns of rosefrost chiffon and carried hand-tied bouquets of miniature calla lilies, roses, alstromeria, and eustoma in shades of pink and rose.
and contained an impressive array of Eustoma grandiflorum (prairie gentian) and Liatris lancifolia (gay-feather).
Cianjur, Anggrek - 600,000 sticks West Java Crysan - 800,000 sticks Gerbera - 400,000 sticks Eustoma - 450,000 sticks 2.
With an investment commitment of Rp 20 billion, the company has made a plan to produce 700,000 anthuriums, 600,000 orchids, 800,000 chrysants, 400,000 gerberas, and 450,000 eustomas per annum.
Apparently, Mrs Atkins bought a Eustoma - Gentian-aceae.
Mr C Coyne of Stoney Road, Coventry:Regarding the ``Japanese Rose'' - this is actually a Eustoma.
X X Eriochloa punctata X Eustoma exaltatum X Forestiera angustifolia X Funastrum cynanchoides X Gossypianthus lanuginosus X Havardia pallens X Heliotropium curassavicum X X X Heteranthera dubia X Hydrocotyle bonariensis X Ipomoea amnicola X Ipomoea sagittata X Isocoma drummondii X Iva annua X Karwinskia humboldtiana X X Lemna sp.
Table arrangements were both tall and low to give a variety of interest to the reception venue and included lavender plants which were placed in the centre with arum lilies flowing around the design with clusters of hydrangeas, eustomas, campanulas, roses and moss to give that natural look.