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Italian anatomist who was one of the fathers of modern anatomy

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Charlton's book reports on the travels of Eustachio Bambini's bouffons troupe to Paris in 1752, presenting information previously unavailable to Anglophone scholars.
The remark by Nicole--to which Manzoni refers explicitly in a letter to Eustachio Degola, 15 May 1825 (Tutte le opere, vii.1, 377)--comes from Les Visionnaires ('un faiseur de romans et un poete de theatre est un empoisonneur public, non des corps, mais des ames des fideles, qui se doit regarder comme coupable d'une infinite d'homicides spirituels, ou qu'il a causes en effet, ou qu'il a pu causer par ses ecrits pernicieux'), and is quoted by Urbain and Levesque (p.
In chapter 3, Parisi looks at the relationship among three texts: Bossuet's Exposition de la doctrine de l'eglise catholique; the Exhortation a une nouvelle catholique, composed by Eustachio Degola upon the conversion of Henriette Blondel, Manzoni's wife, from Calvinism to Catholicism; and Manzoni's own Osservazioni sulla morale cattolica.
In 1565, the thoracic duct was discovered in a horse by Eustachio, an Italian anatomist; this duct was discovered in man by Veslingus in 1634.
(3) These books--containing the chants for the celebration of the Mass (graduals) and of the Office (antiphonaries), and all preserved today at the Archivio dell'Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore--were lavishly illuminated by Monte di Giovanni (1448-1532/33) and Frate Eustachio (Tommaso di Baldassarre di Tommaso, 1473-1555), two of the most distinguished contemporary Florentine miniaturists.
Caffe' Sant' Eustachio is a coffee shop, established in 1938 in the old town centre of Rome.
The contents of Giornale storico della letteratura italiana, Anno 118, Volume 178, Fascicolo 582 (2001) are: Davide Conrieri, "Lettura di `Nedda'" (161-91); Carlo Dionisotti, "Un `Italia fra Svizzera e Inghilterra con una nota di Maria Antonietta Terzoli" (192-204); Andrea Donnini, "Eustachio Manfredi rimatore" (205-57); Pier Angelo Perotti, "`Sies baraos trapolorum' (I promessi sposi, cap.
Via Eustachio Manfredi 15 00197 Rome, Italy (39-06) 807-7252 Fax: (39-06) 807-6156 Email: Web site: Booth: 4040 Attending: Paola Corvino, president.
Skippon noted that they encountered Kircher, Guiseppe Campani ("who makes excellent good glasses for telescopes") and, at the end of December, Cassiano dal Pozzo, another member of the Cesi, "who most courteously obliged us with a sight of curiosities." Early in the New Year, they met "the learned priest," Michael Angelo Ricci, "and were civilly entertained by him." They also visited the musoeum of Giovanni Pietro Belloni and were shown glasses by Eustachio de Divinis -- along with Campani the greatest of the Italian instrument-makers -- and they were received by Honore Fabri "with great civility." Ray also managed to plot the progress of the new comet between December 20 and 29.(52)
When, for instance, there are only two scraps of evidence to suggest that Stradella was educated in Bologna - one a parish listing from S Eustachio, Rome, of 1659 calling him 'D.
In August 1752 Eustachio Bambini's Italian singers began their command performances of intermezzos and opere buffe at the Paris Opera (possibly in consequence of its poor financial shape; in 1749 the king had passed its privilege to the City of Paris).
She leaves her husband of 63 years, Eustachio Sinni; two sons, Paolo Sinni and his wife Evelyn of Dudley and Roberto J.
His declaration of the superiority of the moral over the contemplative dimension of spiritual life, and his treatment of divine grace alongside the themes of free will and providence, place him within a tradition advocated by his spiritual adviser, the Genoese priest Eustachio Degola.