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Italian anatomist who was one of the fathers of modern anatomy

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Charlton's book reports on the travels of Eustachio Bambini's bouffons troupe to Paris in 1752, presenting information previously unavailable to Anglophone scholars.
Even within the physical confines of the initial, the illuminator, Frate Eustachio, reproduced the shell niche seen in the wood panel (Fig.
Caffe' Sant' Eustachio is a coffee shop, established in 1938 in the old town centre of Rome.
Via Eustachio Manfredi 15 00197 Rome, Italy (39-06) 807-7252 Fax: (39-06) 807-6156 Email: mail@intramovies.
They also visited the musoeum of Giovanni Pietro Belloni and were shown glasses by Eustachio de Divinis -- along with Campani the greatest of the Italian instrument-makers -- and they were received by Honore Fabri "with great civility.
It's an art form in Rome and the best can be found at the Sant' Eustachio Caffe at 82 Piazza Sant' Eustachio, just behind the Pantheon.
When, for instance, there are only two scraps of evidence to suggest that Stradella was educated in Bologna - one a parish listing from S Eustachio, Rome, of 1659 calling him 'D.
In August 1752 Eustachio Bambini's Italian singers began their command performances of intermezzos and opere buffe at the Paris Opera (possibly in consequence of its poor financial shape; in 1749 the king had passed its privilege to the City of Paris).
She leaves her husband of 63 years, Eustachio Sinni; two sons, Paolo Sinni and his wife Evelyn of Dudley and Roberto J.
His declaration of the superiority of the moral over the contemplative dimension of spiritual life, and his treatment of divine grace alongside the themes of free will and providence, place him within a tradition advocated by his spiritual adviser, the Genoese priest Eustachio Degola.
During Barocci's second stay in Rome (1562), Cardinal Giulio's doctor, Battolomeo Eustachio, was called upon to aid an ailing S.
International 714 Procaffe 627 Sant' Eustachio Il Cafe 300 Vittoria Coffee 1005 Y.
Since Italian anatomist Bartolommeo Eustachio (1524-1574) first described the auditory tube (eustachian tube) in 1563, research has shown that it has three main functions: ventilation, protection, and clearance of the middle ear.
La seconda ipotesi mi sembra improbabile: Alfonso de' Liguori era una campione delle pratiche religiose di ispirazione gesuitica che Eustachio Degola avversava e per le quali il suo allievo Manzoni non sembra aver avuto un particolare apprezzamento.
He was born in Southbridge the son of Eustachio and Giovinna (Santelli) Smarelli.