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Christian bishop of Caesarea in Palestine

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(9) Beyond this assertion, the emperor's absolute virtue, and this virtue as a justification for imperial rule, is a prominent theme in Eusebius's orations.
While Moss effectively shows that Eusebius used martyr stories to establish orthodox theology, the very fact martyr stories were rhetorically effective for Eusebius hints that martyr fascination was already present in Christianity before Eusebius.
Over the subsequent 1,700 years, histories of early Christianity written from within the Christian world have generally followed the Book of Acts and Eusebius. A case in point is Henry Chadwick's The Early Church, originally published in 1967.
While asleep, he dreams that he's visited by two characters in the adjoining room who identify themselves as Florestan and Eusebius. Florestan is a noisy, antic fellow wrapped in a broad red scarf.
Firm owner Stelescu Eusebius said he was forced to start using convicts because of the credit crunch.
St Eusebius is visited daily by the devil, a whiny cockney, who attempts to tempt the great saint out of his cave in Egypt with money, power and lust.
Robert Schumann in his lifetime may have been better known as a music critic than as a composer, and in the music criticism journal he created (which continues to this day) he frequently assessed music via a dialog between two polar figures, Eusebius - introverted, reserved, subservient, thoughtfully mournful - and Florestan - passionate, heroic, combative and frenzied.
Authorised Lives in Early Christian Biography: Between Eusebius and Augustine.
In compiling this commentary, Wilken draw's on commentaries by Eusebius of Caesarea, Jerome, Cyril of Alexandria, and Theodoret of Cyrus in Syria, but he also cites sermons and other theological writings from a host of other Christian leaders.
In the case of Eusebius, for instance, Neusner limits himself to the Chronicle and Church History--two works completed in whole or part before Constantine's accession--when two other works, the Praeparatio and Demonstratio Evangelica, would have provided much richer evidence of engagement with issues of Jewish history and identity, though hardly with the respect and civility that Neusner maintains characterized this period.
Christianity and the Transformation of the Book: Origen, Eusebius, and the Library of Caesarea.
O dan y ffugenw 'Eusebius' anfonodd awdl i Eisteddfod Wrecsam 1876 ond ar Fehefin 6, y flwyddyn honno bu farw ac, fel yn hanes Hedd Wyn yn 1917, gorchuddiwyd y gadair a ddyfarnwyd iddo am yr awdl 'Helen Llwyddawg' mewn du.
Thanks to the model set by Eusebius in his Ecclesiastical History, the history of the Christian Church outside the Roman Empire has suffered badly from neglect at the hands of most modern historians of the Early Church.
OKLAHOMA CITY -- Archbishop Eusebius Beltran and a council of priests have joined an ecumenical "Pledge of Resistance" against one of the nation's broadest state laws restricting illegal immigration.
Chapter Five is devoted to Eusebius's account of accepted and disputed works.