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any one of the countries occupying the European continent

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A UK worker who is working in another European state can apply for a residence permit which confirms her/his right to stay in that country but can still seek to find work in that country without a residence permit Q Is a UK worker able to take his/her spouse and/or dependent children to accompany him when working or looking for work in another European country? A UK worker can take their spouses and children to other European countries when working or looking for work.
France-based BNP Paribas SA's (BNPP.PA) chief executive officer, Baudouin Prot, said that no European country would default on its debt.
Among the arrested people are three females, including a 15-year-old African girl who entered the country on a European passport which belonged to her cousin who resides in a European country.
According to the Turkish Statistical Board (TUIK), which compiled economic figures from Eurostat and OECD, Turkey was the European country with most expensive prices in sectors such as household appliances, consumer electronics, personal transportation vehicles, and communications.
When Gallup asked respondents throughout Europe whom they would rather see elected president of the United States, Obama is the clear favorite in every European country polled.
Poland, the best-performing Central European country, grew by only 4.5 percent during that period.
growth around Krakow have left which Central European country with severe environmental problems?
The leader of a mainland European country wanted to invade Great Britain.
"But our research shows that premise is a myth." Every European country except Turkey had higher teen drinking rates than the United States.
A European economist travelling on an official mission was recently greeted in Kazakhstan with the words: Welcome to a European country. Indeed, a small part of Kazakhstan is geographically located in Europe, and part of the government of Kazakhstan consider EU membership a wonderful idea.
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