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And they are also haunted by the fear that a Grexit --Greek withdrawal--may lead to a collapse of the European Monetary Union, or at least a severe diminution of its size and influence in the long term.
Given the strains on the European Monetary Union and EU, neither of which enjoys the love or loyalty that people render to the countries of their birth, the great unraveling may be about to begin.
3% of respondents preferred to stay outside of the European monetary union, reported the Danish news agency Ritzau.
In that sense, the European monetary union is not monetary progress; it is political progress confirming the triumph of Monnet's pioneering vision.
The introductory essay on the historical background of a European monetary union provides a concise summary of the endeavors to seek common monetary arrangements for the politically fragmented European continent since the nineteenth century, when at the beginning of that century it was only the British pound and the French franc that existed as well-established common national currencies.
Sir, - I agree with Edward Fowler-Wright's perceptive letter (Post, Apr 19, especially his analysis of European Monetary Union.
Guide analysing implications of the introduction of the euro for small and medium enterprises in developing countries, it describes economic, commercial and financial environment resulting from creation of the European Monetary Union (EMU) and its impact on non-European countries; examines practical consequences of the introduction of euro for enterprises outside the euro zone; outlines practical adjustments to be considered by these enterprises for conducting advantageous commercial relationships with euro-zone countries; provides overview of EMU and describes main steps leading to full implementation of the euro.
The euro slot is currently blocked, but ready for use should Britain accept European monetary union.
Pond's ambitious overview covers the successful launching of the European Monetary Union (EMU), the process of enlargement to Eastern and Central Europe, the relationship between the EU and the US, and NATO's evolution.
And in a first for the festival, four of the counsels general later participated in a Scandinavian symposium to discuss current issues, including the European Monetary Union and relations with the United States.
Last year, bonds issued by companies in the eleven nations of the European Monetary Union were worth $52 billion.
The document's priorities include European Monetary Union (EMU), the application of the Amsterdam Treaty and the Agenda 2000 programme of budget, agricultural and structural reforms.
The establishment of European Monetary Union is also expected to have an influence on European trade since firms will be more inclined to exploit European markets.
Participating countries in the European Monetary Union (EMU) -- a few members of the larger EU haven't signed on -- have agreed to fixed and irrevocable exchange rates against the euro for their national currencies, which will be phased out beginning in 2002.
Relativity's RescueWare software converts Cobol applications into modern languages such as Java, C and Visual Basic, and the company also has Year 2000 and European Monetary Union analysis and remediation tools.
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