European Central Bank

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the central bank of those members of the European Union who share a common currency

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RCB was established on August 1, 1995, and is one of four Cypriot systemic banks under the direct supervision of the European Central Bank through the SSM mechanism.
Greece is expected to repay its debts to the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund and reach a deal "soon" with the euro-area nations that funded most of the country's financial rescue, according to Prime Minister Alexi Tsipras.
Article 127, section 6 is not an adequate legal basis for a single supervisory mechanism under the control of the European Central Bank because it merely empowers the EU Council to "confer specific tasks upon the European Central Bank concerning policies relating to the prudential supervision of credit institutions .
Three letters from the then president of the European Central Bank, Jean-Claude Trichet, to the late Finance Minister Brian Lenihan culminated in an insistence that Ireland apply for a bailout or risk being cut off from support.
The European Central Bank has left its benchmark interest rate unchanged as it pushes eurozone governments to take stronger action to tackle their government debt crisis.
Paris, Jumada I 23, 1433, Apr 15, 2012, SPA -- French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Sunday promised, if re-elected to a second term, to reopen the debate over the role of the European Central Bank in stimulating growth, dpa reported.
The European Central Bank, US Federal Reserve, the Bank of England and the central banks of Canada, Japan and Switzerland all took part in the operation.
The joint move by the five including the European Central Bank, the Bank of England and the Swiss National Bank is apparently aimed at addressing possible dollar shortages faced by the European financial institutions amid the sovereign debt crisis in the region.
Italy's Mario Draghi has become a hot favourite to take over from Jean-Claude Trichet at the head of the European Central Bank (ECB) in October after Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel finally gave him her backing.
A top European Central Bank (ECB) official has said that interest rate decisions at the central bank could be affected by the crisis in Japan.
Answering a question on the European Central Bank, Babacan said that Turkey respected the independence of the European Central Bank.
Tony Farrell, Money Point chief executive, issued the warning after the European Central Bank said 387,000 counterfeit euro bank notes were withdrawn in the first half of this year.
BRUSSELS: A collapse of wage restraint in Germany would cause the European Central Bank problems in its fight against inflation, ECB Governing Council member Guy Quaden said yesterday.
Sponsoring organizations are the following: Bank of Algeria, National Bank of Belgium, Central Bank of Brazil, Bank of Canada, People's Bank of China, Bank of England, European Central Bank, Bank of France, Deutsche Bundesbank, Bank of Greece, Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Central Bank of Iceland, Bank of Italy, Bank of Japan, Netherlands Bank, Norges Bank, Bank of Portugal, Central Bank of Russian Federation, Monetary Authority of Singapore, Bank of Spain, Sveriges Riksbank, Swiss National Bank, Central Bank of Turkey, Federal Reserve Board, and Bank for International Settlements.
As a result, although interest rates are likely to stay on hold for the time being, BDO Stoy Hayward believes that the European Central Bank (ECB) will cut rates in the second quarter of the year.
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