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a United States dollar deposited in a European bank and used as an international currency to finance trade

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The price of a Eurodollar option today reflects financial market participants' beliefs about future short-term interest rates.
AMAG said the Eurodollar rate is subject to a 1.00% floor and the prime rate is subject to a 2.00% floor.
Outside of the world of traders and economists, little is spoken of the Eurodollar. For most attorneys, indeed for most people, the words Eurodollar or Eurocurrency probably bring to mind the transnational currency introduced in 1999 and currently used as the medium of exchange in eighteen European nations.
25, 2012 (CENS) -- In order to revitalize the international-board bond market, the GreTai Securities Market (the over-the-counter market) has proposed to the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) allowing simultaneous listing of ECB (Eurodollar convertible bond), floated by Taiwanese enterprises abroad, in Taiwan for trading and issuance of renminbi-denominated bonds on the island.
The effects of these events can be seen in the trends of not only the federal funds market, but also the repo, commercial paper, Libor, and Eurodollar markets.
Eurodollar futures volume averaged 2.1 million contracts per day, up 10 per cent versus January 2010, and Eurodollar options volume averaged 656,000 contracts per day, down four per cent.
Near term, dollar Libor could reach the lows of around 0.25 percent seen earlier in the year, analysts said, before rising back toward 0.45 percent by year-end as priced in by the December eurodollar futures.
This is the difference between 3-month US Treasury Bills and 3-month Eurodollar Bills.
And the baby is in Italy for her junior year of high school, where she's struggling to live in a Eurodollar economy on a budget funded with her dad's relatively weak American dollars.
To gain a sense of the impact of new information on interest rates, I'll analyze data from the eurodollar futures market.
Applications for some of the models are given for regular bonds, Treasury futures and Eurodollar futures, bond options and callable bonds, forward rate agreement, interest rate options, swaps, swaptions, mortgage securities, and default- prone corporate bonds.
Charcol's new Euro Mortgage is based on short-term Eurodollar Libor (London Interbank Offered Rate) rates which, because it is denominated in sterling, carries no currency risk.
dollar, via London's Eurodollar market, was the most readily available and most liquid international medium of exchange, and for other reasons such as the size of the U.S.
Cosimano and McDonald also consider the 1990 reduction of reserve requirements on eurodollar liabilities and nonpersonal time deposits.
It includes examination of support, resistance and momentum for such financial instruments as Dow Jones Industrial Average, NASDQ Composite, 10-Year Yield, Eurodollar interest rates, Nymex crude, and Euro and Japanese Yen interest rates.