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currency of the major financial and industrial countries held in those countries for the purpose of lending and borrowing

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Finally, a note on nomenclature: Eurodollars, defined as dollar-denominated bank deposit liabilities outside the United States, are a type of Eurocurrency, which is the umbrella term for deposits of currencies transferred to banks outside of their respective home countries.
Also, the applicable margin is based on the consolidated total leverage ratio of the company and its subsidiaries and ranges from 0.75% to 1.50% (1.25% initially) for base rate loans and 1.75% to 2.50% (2.25% initially) for Eurocurrency rate loans.
money supply and inflation (CPI and PPI) to Eurocurrency interest rates and the foreign currency markets (both spot and forward) for seven industrial countries over the period 1977-82 ...
2001: Mean reversion of interest rates in the Eurocurrency market.
This approach raises, inter alia, the following issues: how have SND issues and their characteristics been affected by the introduction of the 1988 Basel Capital Accord and the Eurocurrency?
Dollar: Eurocurrency -2.6 20.4 -1.6 8.0 -103 43 Rate, Short-Term U.S.
The difference between the offshore Eurocurrency deposit rate and domestic onshore deposit rate for the same currency is frequently positive.
Interest rate linkages in the eurocurrency market: Contemporaneous and out-of- sample Granger causality tests.
LaRoche (1993) summarizes the change and its impact on BAs: At the end of 1990, the Board of Governors removed reserve requirements from "nonpersonal time deposits, " which include ineligible acceptances and large CDs, and from Eurocurrency liabilities.
5 g Taipan - Eurocurrency 42614-5 Big-framed and immature, he's related to Fifty Dollars More and Floating Pound.
Without him, remember, there will be nothing except the opinion polls to stop Tony Blair inflicting on us a eurocurrency referendum (as well as a euro-constitution referendum).