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belief in the preeminence of Europe and the Europeans

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what Peters' philosophy combats at a much deeper level seems to me to be the self-exculpating and self-serving Eurocentrism that left the Western, profit seeking self unchallenged, allowed it to use universalism as a pretext, excuse and rationalization of expansion and has by now homogenized universalism enough to turn it into the West's scapegoat.
Following Popper's (1970) advice, when we realize that we are trapped in the cage of Eurocentrism, how can we break out?
Anibal Quijano, "Coloniality of Power, Eurocentrism, and Latin America.
Dussel takes to task twentieth-century philosophers such as Heidegger, Karl-Otto Apel, and Jurgen Habermas for their ontological Eurocentrism, which had its roots in the nineteenth century with Hellenocentric philosophers such as Hegel and Nietzsche.
16] are of the opinion that Eurocentrism is a process either conscious or unconscious by which European cultural norms are viewed or assumed to
However, none of these conceptions proved able to redefine ecumenism beyond Eurocentrism or the notion of empire.
This emerging critique of Eurocentrism in world history, radical political economy, and sociology owes its intellectual history to the Annales school led by Fernand Braudel, especially his Civilization and Capitalism (1955-- 79), to the late Moses Finlay and to Perry Anderson, on the one hand, and to the field of postcolonial studies, on the other.
She stresses the importance of cultural self-awareness and the critical examination of white privilege and Eurocentrism in music therapy practice.
Through presentation of poetic transcriptions, we attempt to portray the ways that whiteness (Frankenberg, 1993, 1997, 2001) and Eurocentrism (Battiste, 1998, 2005) pervade and shape Indigenous experiences in an urban centre to demonstrate what any Canadian school system will need to contend with in urban Indigenous Education reform.
Their specific contributions come from an engagement with international theories spanning over two hundred years which reveal the deep sedimentation of Eurocentrism in the discipline; an examination of what key IR concepts look like in non-core areas of the world together with factors which may have been influential in their marginalization, adoption or rearticulation; and an in-depth empirical and theoretical study of the role of norms and identities--forged within the social structure and understandings of an international order based on imperialism--in the incorporation of Japan and China into our current international system during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
Art criticism, art history, and contemporaneity grapple with crises because Eurocentrism and elitism have pigeonholed the fine arts.
This article demonstrates the influence that Eurocentrism has had on Hollywood movies that depict Third World cultures.
In the decree on the liturgy, the council asked the church to break with its Eurocentrism and to admit other cultures as partners, to be reconciled with them.
Mexico in World History is part of the New Oxford World History series and as such attempts to diverge from traditional approaches to world history that are mired in Eurocentrism, focused on great civilizations, or misleading in their characterizations of the non-western world.
The methodological problems of Eurocentrism reside not in a focus on Europe as such, but in a conflation of world history with (West) European history, with other regions ignored or caricatured.