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marine and freshwater green or colorless flagellate organism

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aeruginosa and phytoplankton: The dominant species of phytoplankton which were found in prawn and fish ponds were green algae, dinoflagellates and euglenoids, whereas cyanobacteria were found in lower amount in fish pond.
pellicle: A protein layer located just inside the plasma membrane in euglenoids.
They also found cyanobacteria, chrysophytes and cryptophytes were dominant at times while dinoflagellates, chlorophytes and euglenoids appeared occasionally abundant, but were relatively minor components on an annual basis.
Euglenoids were only present when Chlorophyta were not dominant (Fig.
Phylum 3 Discomitochondria (Mastigotes, Zoomastigotes, "Zooflagellates," Unicells with Discoid Cristae, Euglenoids, Kinetoplastids, Mastigote Amebas)