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minute single-celled green freshwater organism having a single flagella

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Euglena gracilis also serve as the model organism in another Riedel-Kruse Lab game--this one installed as an interactive museum exhibit.
Por lo tanto, el objetivo de este trabajo fue evaluar la capacidad de bioacumulacion mediante la tecnica de XRF y la respuesta antioxidante en celulas de Euglena gracilis expuestas a diferentes dosis de cobre.
Euglena gracilis stock cultures from which students will inoculate their own cultures
cardunculus against the genotoxicity of ofloxacin and acridine orange (AO) in the Euglena gracilis assay.
Step-up photophobic response of Euglena gracilis at different irradiances.
of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, has used an ESEM to more clearly define intra-cellular structures within Euglena gracilis.
Euglena gracilis, strain Z, was inoculated in a complex growth medium (5) and grown for 12 days at 23 [degrees] C under continuous lighting (2.
The green, unicellular flagellate Euglena gracilis orients itself in the water column by responding to external stimuli such as light and gravity (Hader, 1987; Hader et al.