Eugene V. Debs

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United States labor organizer who ran for President as a socialist (1855-1926)

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Darrow defended many figures in some of America's most famous court cases, including socialist Eugene V.
Roosevelt, meanwhile, barnstormed the nation, sounding increasingly radical even to some of his own supporters as he sought to fend off the fourth-party campaign of Eugene V.
10 KILLDOZER, UNCOMPROMISING WAR ON ART UNDER THE DICTATORSHIP OF THE PROLETARIAT A brilliant, hilarious "concept" album with footnoted liner notes that needle academic Marxism while cunningly introducing Simone Weil, Ramsey Clark, and Eugene V.
Robert Constantine's Gentle Rebel: Letters of Eugene V.
The Socialist Party National Convention nominated Eugene V.
Among his many other best - selling books are Adversary in the House (1947), about Eugene V.
The volume also includes an afterword from the late historian Howard Zinn on American socialist Eugene V.
Depressing as that is for the mighty party of Eugene V.
Kevorkian a variety of imaginary interviews with such personalities as Clarence Darrow, Eugene V.
For example, a chapter describing the experiences of turn-of-the-century political prisoners (including well-known figures such as Emma Goldman, Eugene V.