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United States playwright (1888-1953)

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When Eugene O'Neill and Mae West weren't being chastened by the purity police, they found time to enjoy the speakeasies, bookshops, restaurants, and theatres in Greenwich Village.
Director Tony Cownie said: "Apart from Shakespeare, no one delves into the souls of his characters more than Eugene O'Neill, they're always individual and intensely private.
BOM has been running at New York's Eugene O'Neill Theatre since March 2011.
Unless, that is, the information provided by Brooks Atkinson, the drama critic and friend of Eugene O'Neill, is accurate when he asserts, in 1933 (well before the playwright wrote Long Day's Journey Into Night), that James O'Neill had "owned a good deal of property" in New London, "including the Monte Cristo garage, which was the local agency for the Buick car" ("O'Neill Off Duty," NY Times, Oct.
Dolan never mentions Eugene O'Neill in The Feminist Spectator, but her argument surely resonates among his feminist critics.
Jones * Directed by Michael Mayer * Eugene O'Neill theater, New York City (open-minded run)
Playwrights from Eugene O'Neill to Samuel Beckett have written plays that invited--demanded, in some cases--directorial experimentation.
Jack Nicholson is memorable as playwright Eugene O'Neill, a friend and admirer of Louise.
Like her grandmother Oona - who was disowned by her playwright father Eugene O'Neill when she married Chaplin - Kiera created controversy when she took up with de Basseville when she was 16.
Richards served as Dean of the Drama School at Yale University and as Artistic Director of Yale Repertory Theatre from 1979 to 1991; he also served as Artistic Director of the National Playwrights Conference at the Eugene O'Neill Memorial Theatre Center from 1968 to 1999.
His play Make Someone Happy was a finalist in the 2003 Eugene O'Neill Theater Conference.
Reopened in May after seismic retrofitting, the rambling home, now part of the Eugene O'Neill National Historic Site, is viewable on guided tours.
He was member of IASIL, the James Joyce Society and the Eugene O'Neill Society.
Scott Fitzgerald, Eugene O'Neill, Joseph Conrad, Langston Hughes, Dorothy Parker, James M.