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French romantic painter (1798-1863)

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Some of the most explicit Islamic stereotypes are visualized and already well known in the paintings by Eugene Delacroix, Dominique Ingres and French academics of the nineteenth century.
Chevreul's early work had perhaps the greatest influence on the Romantic painter Eugene Delacroix and some Neoclassicists in the 1830s.
That Homer of painting, the father of warmth and enthusiasm in art," said of him Eugene Delacroix, eclipsed most other artists, "Not because of his perfection in any one direction, but because of that hidden force--that life and spirit--which he put into everything he did.
Damascus, (SANA) -- Orientalism, one of the most prominent literary and historical phenomena that prompted much consideration and study since the translation of 1001 Arabian Nights, had a similarly strong impact on the world of art, influencing great artists such as Eugene Delacroix, Henri Matisse, Paul Klee, and many others.
On his return from one of his sketching tours Bonington fell in with Eugene Delacroix, whom he had first met whilst copying in the Louvre.
Highlighting the sale will be an important work by the Austrian artist Rudolf Ernst, who was one of a generation of artists that took their inspiration from scenes of daily life in the Middle East, rather than political events like their predecessors, Eugene Delacroix and Horace Vernet.
Following in their footsteps, Eugene Delacroix and William Dyce's later versions dramatize even more intensely the transgressive elements of the tragic love story.
The religious paintings of Eugene Delacroix (1798-1863); the initiator of the style of modern religious art.
A final chapter, "Remembering the Doge, 1457 to the Present," surveys the tragedy of Jacopo and Francesco Foscari treated in later centuries in the drama of Lord Byron, the opera of Giuseppe Verdi, and the painting of Eugene Delacroix, among other works.
The important Orientalist sale in London, on 2 July, is the strongest ever in this category with masterpieces by Eugene Delacroix, John Frederick Lewis, Jean-Leon Gerome, John Singer Sargent, Rudolph Ernst, Alberto Pasini, Ludwig Deutsch and others.
Sower (2001) is from Jean-Francois Millet; Castaways (1984) from boating scenes by Eugene Delacroix and Edouard Manet; and Ruin (Ruisdael) (1995) from Jacob van Ruisdael's Landscape with the Ruins of Egmond Castle (ca.
The result was an impressive, notably wide-ranging list that included not only the delectable, eponymous Renoir, but also such diverse delights as choice Edgar Degases, glorious Pierre Bonnards, wonderful Paul Klees, a couple of urgent canvases by Eugene Delacroix, some fine Vassily Kandinsky abstractions, and the Phillips's ravishing Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin--the one with a flower-strewn Delft pitcher and a dish of velvety plums.
Avec l'aide de Privat, Jeanne reconquiert Charles par le theatre, lors d'une representation a laquelle assistera d'ailleurs un Eugene Delacroix elogieux.
In was in Paris that Vincent first encountered the works of painters that he admired for their use of color, notably Eugene Delacroix (1798-1863).