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Among the 16 penguin species that lay two eggs, only the Eudyptes species evolved what's called a pelagic life, spending their nonbreeding season mostly at sea and migrating, in some cases considerable distances, to breeding sites.
Diving pattern and performance in the macaroni penguins Eudyptes chrysolophus.
Metabolic rate and foraging behavior of Pygoscelis and Eudyptes Penguins at sea.
The full description for the taxonomic tree is: (Laws dominicanus, ((Stictocarbo punctatus, ((Diomedea epomophora, Diomedea bulleri), Pelagodroma marina, (Pelecanoides georgicus, Daption capense, (((Puffinus griseus, Puffinus huttoni), Procellaria westlandica), (Pterodroma inexpectata, Pterodroma cookii)), (Pachyptila vittata, Pachyptila turtur)))), ((Megadyptes antipodes, Eudyptes pachyrhynchus), Pygoscelis adeliae, Eudyptula minor))).
The data also suggest a previously unrecognized pairing between the Eudyptes genus, which includes the macaroni and rockhopper penguins, and the Megadyptes genus, whose sole species is the rare yellow-eyed penguin of New Zealand.
demersus, Megadyptes antipodes, Eudyptes chrysocome, E.
Key words: exophthalmos, retrobulbar mass, scleral ossicles, computed tomography, immunohistochemistry, avian, macaroni penguin, Eudyptes chrysolophus