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measuring instrument consisting of a graduated glass tube for measuring volume changes in chemical reactions between gases

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Levere's article is useful particularly because it seems to be the first comprehensive modern study of this interesting instrument, though I was disappointed to find no reference to what little recent literature there is that analyzes the controversial conclusions of eudiometry (as a measure of "good air," the instrument was inescapably political in its applications especially to conceptions of public health), and I think that Levere's own work on the pneumatic physician Thomas Beddoes, which he may be too modest to cite, is here relevant, as is Simon Schaffer's articles on Priestley and eudiometry.
Golinski, Science as Public Culture (Cambridge, 1992); Lissa Roberts, "A Word and the World: The Significance of Naming the Calorimeter," Isis, 82 (1997), 199-222; Simon Schaffer, "Measuring Virtue: Eudiometry, Enlightenment, and Pneumatic Medicine," in Andrew Cunningham and Roger French (eds.