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I contend the issue is nothing less than the emerging identity of the Catholic church for the third Christian millennium as it finds expression through the eucharistic liturgy.
So they didn't let anyone attend a full eucharistic liturgy unless they were already baptized and confirmed.
The Eucharistic liturgy is an act of thanksgiving, a consecration, a memorial and an offering, accompanied by intercessions which invite the celebrants and faithful to turn towards the altar of the Lord in an attitude of adoration and contemplation.
The book is organized liturgically, and generally follows the basic outline of the Eucharistic liturgy of The Book of Common Prayer of the Anglican Church.
Do your sisters participate in the eucharistic liturgy according to approved liturgical norms?
The precommunion rites in the Byzantine eucharistic liturgy take up some five minutes in a service that can easily last two hours or longer.
At every Sunday eucharistic liturgy, Catholics recite the Nicene Creed.
We have been raised as Catholics to celebrate the eucharistic liturgy as one of the fundamentals of our faith.
For Christians, this belief-system is grounded in the basic presuppositions of the eucharistic liturgy and the sacramental life of the Church, both of which implicitly testify to Christian belief that Jesus is both divine and human and, therefore, that the one God exists as three persons, each with a distinctive role to play in the economy of salvation.
The Eucharistic liturgy then becomes the grand celebration of the full church, drawing together all the joy and hopes, fears and burdens of a people who live their lives in the spirit of Jesus.
The only reason people are unable to participate in the Sunday Eucharistic liturgy is a church norm that requires priests in the Latin rite to be unmarried.
Wilson-Kastner has chosen drama as root-metaphor for interpretation of the eucharistic liturgy (12ff.
I vested for the eucharistic liturgy, proclaimed the gospel, offered the homily, and assisted during the liturgy.
Kinney says he refuses "to allow the Eucharistic liturgy to become politicized.
The text offers a wide-ranging overview of the eucharistic liturgy, art, theology, and piety in an enormously complex stage of Christian history.