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Sabemos ademas, que las celulas del dominio Eucarya comparten los genes exclusivos de Archaea y Bacteria.
In Eucarya, tRNA introns are small and invariably interrupt the anticodon loop 1 base 3' to the anticodon.
Woese's group subsequently constructed an evolutionary tree in which living organisms are grouped into three domains: Bacteria (eubacteria), Archaea (archaebacteria), and Eucarya (eukaryotic organisms).
Neither bacteria nor eucarya (plants, animals, fungi, and any other organisms with a nucleus in their cells), archaea represent a third branch of life, many scientists contend.
2006), then domain Archaea (with kingdom Archaebacteria) and domain Bacteria (with kingdom Eubacteria) are appropriate-domain Eucarya includes eukaryotic kingdoms (animals, plants, fungi, protists).
Phylogenies based on the small subunit rRNAs (and other molecules) have placed all life in three primary lineages, namely, the Archaea, Bacteria, and Eucarya (8).
Until recently, biologists had divided the so-called tree of life into two main branches, the Bacteria (or Prokaryotes), and the Eucarya (or Eukaryotes).