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Why mention the 19 Old Etonians (OEs) in government?
However, whether it was a duff line in his speech, a stumble or an improvisation, suddenly I heard the Old Etonian announce that I had a great idea to run the museums with volunteers.
For a man who prides himself on his common touch and his ability to charm people, a big failing is that he constantly chooses to surround himself with Old Etonians.
"I think The 'Etonian' quote was taken out of context - I did criticise one or two of his points.
But Lord Tebbit suggested that his view of Mr Cameron's background and the cabal of fellow Old Etonians in the upper reaches of the Tory Party was not shared by the British public.
Dressed in traditional wedding gear, the 30-year-old Etonian old boy was made to wait five minutes for his bride, the Duchess of Cornwall's daughter, who wore a white gown by London designer Robinson Valentine.
DAVIDCAMERON was just 1-25 yesterday in the race to be the next Tory leader, but that failed to deter one punter from having pounds 200,000 on the old Etonian, writes Dan Childs.
I DON'T know who to vote for They all look the same I blame myself Where did I go wrong The same old story The trillions of debts They can't give us money Maybe they can give us power On the hour on the clock Tick tock the alarm goes off For years and years I've had laughter and tears If only I knew better I would write a letter To Number Ten The Etonian Squad I bet I put a cross Somewhere, nowhere The lambs are born But who gives a toss March, April, May We will pay the price The seeds have been sown But will we get a harvest.
It might be acceptable for the odd Old Etonian to make it into government.
YOUR article on the Prime Minister's speech was followed by a diatribe by the Old Etonian Conservative Shadow Chancellor, George Osborne (Daily Post, Wednesday).
A MILLIONAIRE Sunderland businessman has said he will not give money to the Tories again because of David Cameron's "arrogant Old Etonian" style of leadership.
David Cameron suffered a fresh blow yesterday when one of his party's biggest donors withdrew financial support and lambasted his "arrogant, Old Etonian" leadership.
Described in the Guinness Book of Records as "the world's greatest living explorer", the Old Etonian was the first man to circumnavigate the globe on its polar axis and was one of the first to walk unaided across Antarctica.