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a public school for boys founded in 1440

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While at Eton College, Prince William and Prince Harry both excelled in school.
Indeed, different modes of constituting and writing history collide within the space and time of "Eton College." Returning to Eton instigates the speaker's historiographic endeavors as he attempts to reevaluate the origin and development of his personal history.
Amay is set to start at Summer Fields in 2017 and start his education at Eton College in 2019.
Pupils at Eton College, which has seen a staggering 19 old boys |go on to become Prime Minister
The Government commissioned the design from east London-based Greenspace, whose clients have included Eton College, Debretts, Aston Martin, Apple and Bentley.
Boarding school seems a likely prospect for any royal, Prince Charles went to Cheam, daddy-to-be Wills went to Ludgrove school and then onto the famous coat tails wearing Eton College.
London, June 16 (ANI): Eton College and The Ritz Hotel are on a hit list drawn up by a ruthless al-Qaeda commander, The Sun reveals.
Of particular interest was the Sacred and Profane exhibition of Egyptian Antiquities on display courtesy of the Myers Eton College collection.
Your granddaughter might also enjoy visiting Eton College, where the museum has exhibitions on what life was like for pupils through the ages.
Mr Young seems rather upset that I made adverse comments about David Cameron's ignorance of history and my implication that there must be a curriculum deficit at Cameron's alma mater, Eton College.
Customers purchasing round-trip fares to London during the sale period will also receive a free three-day London Pass, for entry to a choice of attractions in London, including St Paul's Cathedral, Hampton Court Palace, Eton College, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and the Tower of London.